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MyHitBuzz advertising was established in 2017, and specializes in providing advertising service throughout the world wide web, we aim to understand, anticipate and meet our members advertising needs with our services. We invite you to join our platform, where you are not required to have a six figures balance in order to participate in business opportunities that require buying these strong figures, what we do is providing advertising needs to our members around the globe along with our own Profit Sharing System that have been circulating in the world of advertising to generate new opportunities to those who want to advertise and earn money online.

The values we have absorbed and have committed to exercise and apply in our company, shall be our guiding light and foundation to achieve the success that we will touch base together:

  • We provide high quality traffic to our members.
  • Ultimate opportunities await those who sign up with us today.
  • Exceed your expectations by utilizing the System we have for you.

Our mission is to have an Advertising System where by trust and honesty are the key factors. We believe in transparency with our members and giving them peace of mind with a program that pays them every hour with withdrawals that are processed within 24 hours. We have employed a full time support staff to always guarantee that you will have someone to talk to if you need help or have questions. We look forward to extending this system to you, and growing your Advertising to new Heights.


Making Money With Us is As EASY AS A,B,C

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Click as little as 5 ads a day to become eligible for up to 24 payouts! Takes only minutes a day. We even have a vacation mode to fulfill your daily requirement when you can't.
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Get your money NOW - funds directly put into your personal account balance every hours. Instantly transfer money to your eWallet anytime you have $2 or more in your Account Balance. Simple!
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We've paid our 485 members $310.4875 on time, every time !
We've delivered views to our advertisers website.
Share up to140%
10%affiliate commission

Our advertising & sharing plans were carefully thought through to provide a mutually beneficial experience over the long term. With such plans you can't go wrong, we strive to deliver member's advertising purchases as fast as possible and process withdrawals within 24 hours.


We've Launched, Start with $5, Earn 2% Daily, 140% Roi, $2 min Cashouts
We've Launched, Start with $5, Earn 2% Daily, 140% Roi, $2 min Cashouts
We've Launched, Start with $5, Earn 2% Daily, 140% Roi, $2 min Cashouts